Monday, 19 July 2010

Fashion Graduate lights the way for the Industry

Ethical Epiphany

This stunning collection from University College Falmouth Graduate Jenny Welwert Gil is the perfect opening for the blog. Beautifully crafted clothing from a designer who refuses to compromise on her ethical and sustainable ideals.

Jenny, who recently graduated with a first from the newly established BA(Hons) FasHion Design course at UCF took great pains to ensure all her materials and fabric were sourced locally, when her search for salmon skin in the UK returned a blank she turned to a small Amazonian village to provide her with this Fairtrade unique material which was then tailored to perfection in the form of trousers and jackets. Eco leather and beautiful organic, un-dyed wool all come together to create a modern luxe collection that screams the future of a fashion industry that is slowly becoming aware of how big a part it plays in the fight for the consumer to become ethically and sustainably aware.

As a beautiful and bright finishing touch Jenny leaves her labels blank so that each (and hopefully) every future owner of the garment can customize and personalize the garment for themselves.

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