Friday, 23 July 2010

Keeping it cool.....or possibly hot.

Whilst supping on your steaming hot Starbucks vanilla latte do you ever wonder just how dark your carbon foot print is? Even before we get embroiled in to the debate of the demon that is the Starbucks monster or indeed any other coffee house, just take a look at your innocent enough take away cup. Can you honestly say that you seperate the cardboard and plastic and put in the the recycling bin? Or are you just chuffed with yourself if you actually manage to put it in the nearest refuse point at all?
Well worry no more about your black footprint and take a look at the Keep Cup. The first barrista standard reusable coffe cup is here and $AUS12 (thats about £7) your bank balance and your eco conscience will both be feeling pretty smug.
The sleek design comes in a multitude of colour ways and the cup is made frome recyclable polypropylene with a personalized silcone grip band so that you can always identify your Keep Cup. Plus the sealed splashproof lid ensures that your bevereage will not spill even when you shove it in your bag on your mad dash 'I'm running late and it's 8:59am' get to work on time sprint.
With the average customer knocking back 8 starbucks a month (thats 96 cups a year) its about time we all took a closer look at the re useable options on the market and I've got to say the Keep Cup is at the top of my list.

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